Effective Ways to Improve Outsourced Staff Management

by Karla Abraham

Dec 14

An offshoring strategy is a viable option for many businesses. When outsourcing is done in a way that improves both costs and performance, it saves a lot of money without lowering productivity. In fact, the ability to improve services and hire ahead of the curve is a key factor in boosting productivity.

In the years 2022–23, outsourcing will be an increasingly powerful option for businesses. This is because businesses can manage their most important operational processes more efficiently while still having visibility, flexibility, transparency, and control. They can also reach out to specialists at a lower cost. Here are some tips on how to get started with outsourcing your work.

I. People Tips

It’s important to find the right approach for your outsourcing team and manage it well if you want it to be successful, but outsourcing can be a good business strategy in many fields. It doesn’t have to be difficult, stressful, or complicated to work with a remote team. All you need is a well-thought-out business strategy and an effective management style. Here are some pointers to help you manage an offshore team:

A. Allow for a learning process

Because outsourced teams work remotely, it’s critical to give them time to get to know your company before expecting them to be productive. Give new staff time to get to know your products or services and your company’s culture before bringing them on board.

B. Regular communication

Building a successful outsourcing team necessitates regular communication. A good communication rhythm with your outsourced team can bring a lot of comfort, connectivity, and engagement. Even a quick Skype call, “huddle,” or Zoom meeting can make a big difference. This is easier than ever because of all the virtual tools available today.

C. Sharing feedback

Appreciate your team’s hard work and success, and let them know when they’ve done well. Celebrate even the smallest wins as a team to show your appreciation and keep your team motivated, engaged, and excited. This makes them feel appreciated, which increases their loyalty to you and your company, as well as their morale and willingness to work hard for you and your business.

D. Performance Monitoring

It is essential to keep an eye on how well your outsourced team is doing. Managing employees’ day-to-day activities from halfway around the world presents a unique set of challenges. Performance reviews can help employees, resources, and infrastructure work together better to help the business reach its goals.

E. Encourage training and growth

Your strategy for outsourcing should include investing in ongoing training and education. Investing in people’s personal and professional development can help you build a strong team. Invest in your outsourced team and give them the training and tools they need to do their job well. They will go through training courses that will help them acquire new knowledge and skills. Group trust and self-assurance can be bolstered through structured knowledge-sharing sessions.

II. Structure Tips

When doing business in a new country or expanding operations abroad, it’s crucial to have a solid organizational structure in place. As a way to help your business grow, outsourcing lets you reorganize it so you can reach your goals better on a global scale.

A. Assigning a team leader

Even though you may be working with a collaborative group, it’s helpful to have a single point of contact who is in charge of keeping everyone on the outsourced team on the same page. It’s important to take your time to find the best candidate. Your onshore lead may be responsible for:

– Recaps on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
– Participate in problem-solving as the first point of contact. Offer continuous process support
– Initiate routine progress reports
– Projects on track that can be improved
– Offer suggestions for growing and improving your team.

B. Promoting accountability

It is important to establish a set of clear expectations when working with an outsourced team. Don’t rush into outsourcing; instead, take the time to explain your expectations to the team you’re working with. Provide them with an overview of the tasks at hand, highlight any key performance indicators or goals, and make sure they understand what they should prioritize. By doing so, you can rest assured that your outsourced team will be able to assume responsibility for their work and meet your expectations.

III. Process Tips

A key component of efficiently managing offshore resources and having clearly defined and documented policies and procedures that can make the most of the efficiencies an offshore team can offer is having clearly defined and documented policies and procedures. When assembling an outsourced team, it is crucial to adhere to standardized policies and procedures. You can easily adopt an outsourcing strategy without disrupting operations. SOPs, or standard operating procedures, establish a benchmark against which tasks can be monitored, results reported, and opportunities for improvement built into the fabric of an organization.


Companies are turning to outsourcing in order to improve the delivery of essential business functions. As a result of outsourcing, businesses are devoting more time and energy to their core competencies and giving their offshore workforce new directions.

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