Outsourcing Marketing Activities for Startups

by Luna Rutherford

Sep 9
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When starting your own business, the initial tendency for business owners is to do every work function and fix everything by themselves. One would think that marketing decisions and strategies are usually self-taught in the same industry and there is little room for contradiction or critique when you function daily in an echo chamber.

This business strategy would eventually lead to costly risks and disastrous results for the owner, who would rather be focused on the core of his business or talking to potential investors. The owner eventually realizes the repercussions of this mistake, as it is time-consuming and makes any owner lose their focus. This would result in the owner acknowledging that they need to hire a full-time marketing professional in-house, or decide to outsource the company’s marketing function.

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While both scenarios can lead to measures of success, the result mostly depends on what kind of company the owner currently has. Smaller startups would then consider outsourcing their marketing rather than forming their own in-house marketing team, because not only does it cost less, but in times of uncertainty like the pandemic, businesses are unsure of how their company will cope or even survive in a volatile market situation.

So, why outsource your marketing? It’s actually very simple, because it is what it says. Basically, you hire or utilize a reputable agency to manage your company’s marketing duties and activities. You have the option to outsource an entire team, or if you have an existing marketing department, use this external agency to complement your existing in-house team.

One key takeaway with outsourcing your marketing functions is that it saves you money. Which actually contradicts the common notion that outsourcing is expensive or costs more. In fact, in a study made by Cybercrew, almost 70% of UK businesses plan to outsource their marketing, especially now that we are still in the pandemic phase. When you decide to outsource your marketing functions, you will eventually realize cost-saving measures and a greater return in your investment, as compared to hiring fancy big name ad agencies and hiring marketing professionals that demand more than $100k in annual salaries excluding employee benefits.

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Another benefit in outsourcing your marketing is that with an external agency, fresh ideas would be the standard practice, as compared to in-house employees who are hesitant to contradict company policies and trends. And who can blame them? In larger companies, when a subordinate shares an opinion that is different from his superior, it almost always leads to all kinds of troubles. An external marketing agency will have no problem pointing out flaws and would offer fresh insight about a company’s business that could prove beneficial.

When you decide to outsource your marketing, it will prove to be less time consuming for any business owner, as compared to the amount of time consumed in onboarding and training new hires to be in the same level of expertise or competency to be at par with a reputable outsourced marketing agency. Outsourced marketing agencies are already experts in the field and are already experienced in marketing different products in a wide variety of industries.

If you think that now is the perfect time to tap into your marketing potential, or want to learn more on how outsourcing your marketing can benefit your startup, we’ll be happy to tell you more on how we can support your business with an outsourced marketing model. Here at ADDMORE Outsourcing, we can help you reap the benefits of having a full staff of intuitive and passionate marketing professionals on standby to grow your business. We offer an extensive range of cost-efficient offshoring and outsourcing solutions for clients in the USA, the Republic of Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East and other regions worldwide.

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