Human Resources

We provide a comprehensive array of HR outsourcing services to small and medium sized businesses. Our team consists of professionals in their respective fields who will provide you with exceptional assistance at every stage.

Human resources management is one of the most important areas for any business to manage, but it can also be one of the most challenging. By outsourcing your HR processes, you’ll reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, and improve employee retention.

ADDMORE can provide customized HR outsourcing services in a variety of options to meet your company’s demands. We provide anything from one-time HR solutions to continuous HR Manager access and long-term HR projects. These services are provided by a professional HR consultant who gets to know your company’s operations and creates the appropriate people management solution for you.

Our HR expert can help you get your new employee up and running quickly, resulting in a swift return on investment.

Our core HR services include:


We understand that each company is unique. Addmore Outsourcing provides a comprehensive range of recruitment services to fit your demands, no matter what stage your organization is in or what issues it may be experiencing. We are constantly recruiting. This means we’re up to current on market trends and can give you the most up-to-date information on your hiring project.

Executive Search

At Addmore Outsourcing, we are trained in the practice of matching vacant positions with capable candidates by employing techniques such as behavioral interviewing, skills testing, and psychological testing, to name a few.

Our team can assist with

Staff Leasing and HR Outsourcing

The benefit of working with Addmore Outsourcing is that the employment relationship with your future temporary employee is contracted by us rather than you. Addmore Outsourcing both hires and pays. We will assign an employee to you based on your specifications and needs. He or she then completes the work per your instructions.

Training and Development

We’ll work with your company to develop the tools it needs to deliver online courses that are flexible, cost-effective, and engaging. To be effective, organizations must provide eLearning solutions to encourage and enhance staff abilities. We can assist you in turning your course information into engaging learning experiences.

Organizational Development

Employee productivity has been connected to firm profitability and bottom line performance, according to research. However, some businesses’ internal resources are unable to meet all of the demands. We collaborate with businesses to design a customized approach to meet their goals and development needs. In essence, we assist firms in aligning their people, processes, and practices in order to achieve success. Our Organization Development Outsourcing services can comprise the following:

ADDMORE Outsourcing recognizes that every organization has distinct demands and expectations. Therefore, we design cost-effective solutions to your particular needs and objectives. Our solutions are intended to assist you in utilizing your resources effectively and optimally, allowing you to focus on growing your business while we manage your HR functions efficiently.


We can cater to various business industries around the globe, such as the following:

Human Resources & Administration

Financial Services & Insurance

Real Estate & Development


Media & Communication

Architecture, Engineering, & Construction


Information Technology

Hospitality and Tourism

Retail & E-Commerce

Oil, Gas & Mining

Legal Services

Want to know how your business can benefit by outsourcing?

At ADDMORE Outsourcing, we deliver high quality, cost efficient and customer focused business solutions to our clients and we offer a broad range of services that will help you scale your business.