Streamline Your HR to Drive Business Growth

by Marika Kim

Sep 26
Human Resources Business Growth

When your business grows, so do your Human Resource (HR) responsibilities and needs. Growing, developing and streamlining your HR processes ensures that your company’s needs are fully met by taking care of your employees, hiring top-tier talent in the industry, increasing their effectiveness, ensuring that everyone complies with company rules and regulations, and therefore improving the bottom line.

When you choose to outsource HR functions, it lets you tap skilled HR practitioners to do this particular job function, it can enable you to free up much-needed time for you to focus on the core of your business. By also opting to outsource HR, you ensure that your employees are properly tended, therefore improving their daily work experience and ensuring that daily tasks are executed efficiently.

But what is truly an effective way to outsource the HR function for your business? In theory, outsourcing HR is advisable for any thriving business that isn’t ready yet to have a fully functional HR department in place.

Many businesses favor outsourcing their HR practices, as it significantly reduces operational costs in several areas of your business. This includes the salaries of an in-house HR Manager (annual salary of $75k + benefits), not including other staff in that department.

When you outsource your business’ HR duties, you also reduce time-to-fill and only select qualified candidates for your open positions. This can result in the streamlining of your business’ recruiting process from start to finish.

Not only that, but you also benefit from reducing the onboarding training costs and additional training of each employee hired. Research from the Society of HR Management concluded that it costs an average of $4,129 to hire a new employee, and more than $1,200 to train that individual. When you choose an established HR partner, you can be rest assured that they can filter through and select the right people for your company with its vast network in the job market, thereby helping reduce high turnover costs and other incremental expenses.

Another important factor is the lower risk of penalties and non-compliance with employment rules and regulations. When you choose to outsource and delegate the HR function to a trusted employer organization who is well-versed on standard HR practices, business owners can be assured that their company is compliant and won’t run afoul with the law. Little mistakes in payroll, maintaining proper employee paperwork and other gaps in HR practices create risks for any company and cost money. When owners choose to do HR by themselves, it increases the risk for these little mistakes that you simply cannot ignore, and have no time for. Having an outsourced HR specialist on standby ensures that these standard practices are met and are in place.

In conclusion, you don’t need additional training to be able to hire skilled talent. When you have an outsourced hiring and recruiting process in place, the owner can be assured that his
outsourced HR professionals are there to not only ensure that the company is in compliance and at the same time reducing costs, but is also constantly trying to find ways to improve his employees’ daily work experience for the company’s growth.

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