Virtual Assistants Are The New Normal for Businesses of All Sizes

by Harper George

Apr 20

Who are the virtual assistants? And why are they making a noise in the business industry?

Any form of remote assistant who offers administrative, creative, or technical support services to owners of online or offline businesses is referred to as a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistance is a rather straightforward business concept that can significantly boost a company’s bottom line, especially in difficult economic times.

Why Virtual Assistants Making a Noise in All Industries?

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic struck the business community, the virtual assistant industry was causing ripples. We are all aware of how the pandemic damaged both small and major businesses that provided livelihood. Unemployment was on the rise and was never a pleasant experience for anyone. However, the demand for virtual assistants increases and becomes one of the “new normal” in employment and business growth.

The Essence of Having a “Virtual Assistant” Around

Virtual assistants are utilized by a diverse group of individuals and organizations in addition to business owners and online retailers. For instance, busy professionals who want assistance with scheduling or administrative work may outsource virtual assistants.

Larger businesses and corporations frequently employ virtual assistants, particularly for customer service and support. They can assist in automating some customer interactions and offer round-the-clock availability, both of which can increase client retention and satisfaction.

In general, virtual assistants are becoming more and more common because of their adaptability, affordability, and capacity to automate monotonous chores.

Why Are Virtual Assistants Important for Your Business?

Perhaps, we can say that a virtual assistant is an all-around employee that does everything that’s a common task in a business or firm. Mostly administrative tasks, but virtual assistants or VAs can do more than that.

Especially in a virtual or digital world, the demand for virtual assistants can’t be comprehended by a single study. Because the talent and skill of a VA can be encompassing.

When digital marketing became more a trend by businesses, the future of VAs had been so promising that they are needed in every niche of a business.

Virtual assistants can help you to manage customer relations and deal with the incoming inquiries, respond to phone calls and e-mails, provide technical support and live chat services, maintain the information of your website, or monitor user conversation on different social platforms.

Using a virtual assistant may help you manage client relations and support your company, which is one of the main advantages.

These are some instances where a virtual assistant can be useful in this situation:

● Respond to incoming questions: A virtual assistant can be taught to manage incoming questions and give illuminating answers. They can provide information about your goods or services and reply to emails, texts, and phone calls.

● Giving customers technical support is something a virtual assistant can do if your company sells technical goods or services. They can assist with problem-solving, respond to technical queries, and instruct clients on how to utilize your products.

● Live chat services: To communicate with customers in real-time, many firms use live chat services. A virtual assistant can control live chat sessions, address client inquiries, and offer support as required.

● Updating product information, adding new content, and making sure everything is factual are all ways a virtual assistant may help you maintain the information on your website.

● Monitor social media conversations: Your virtual assistant can keep an eye out for mentions of your company on social media and reply as necessary to customer questions or concerns. By responding to comments and sharing pertinent content, they can further increase engagement.

Virtual assistants promote engagement, raise client satisfaction, and free up your time so you can concentrate on other things with the diverse kinds of services.

When Businesses Take Advantage of the Usefulness of Virtual Assistants

Who are the businesses that mostly require the help of virtual assistants?

Small and medium enterprises are leveraging virtual assistants to help in a diverse range of tasks integral to their business. Here are a few industries we know of that outsource virtual assistants for their business:


E-commerce has significantly increased recently for a number of reasons. Because of the growing accessibility of high-speed internet and mobile devices, an e-commerce boom is imminent.

Also, another significant contributor to the rise of e-commerce is none other than the infamous COVID-19 pandemic. This difficult time in our life, globally, has given customers the option of internet shopping as a safer and more practical alternative to get what they need when lockdowns and social isolation measures were put in place. The pandemic has also sped up businesses’ adoption of digital technologies, leading to many traditional stores increasing their online presence or starting their first e-commerce websites.

Thus, the demand for virtual assistants to manage many parts of e-commerce operations has surged, as more and more businesses go online. And this surge has also increased the employment of virtual assistants in customer service.

As more people shop online, businesses are increasingly turning to virtual assistants to provide 24/7 customer care, answer inquiries, and resolve issues in a quick and effective manner.

Information Technology

The vastness of cyberspace speaks of the true potential of virtual assistant jobs. The IT industry has been known to dominate the virtual world. If not for the expertise of the people at these backend jobs, online businesses will fail, affecting also traditional old-school commerce.

Because everybody relies on the web space, virtual assistant jobs like web developers, tech support, admin and customer-related support become indispensable.

Human Resources

Virtual assistants for human resources can manage a range of administrative duties, such as maintaining personnel files, keeping track of attendance, and keeping an eye on performance. Also, they can help with the hiring process by organizing interviews and screening resumes, which can save HR managers a lot of time.

Businesses can also save money on office space and equipment, as well as eliminate the need to offer extra benefits or pay for overtime, because HR virtual assistants work remotely. For small enterprises or startups with limited resources, this can be extremely helpful.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

In the accounting and bookkeeping sector, there seems to be endless paperwork, though not literally, it only shows that virtual assistants are needed in this niche.

Because accounting is a sensitive and complex job, it needs the expertise of virtual assistants honed to this nature. Record organizing, bookkeeping, data entry and handling of accounts receivables and payables, auditing, and bank transactions are some of the main tasks VAs handle seamlessly.

Due to their capacity to offer specific skills and experience, cut expenses, increase accuracy and efficiency, and provide flexibility and scalability, virtual assistants are greatly needed in accounting and bookkeeping. The need for virtual assistants in this area is set to increase as companies look for solutions to simplify their processes and enhance their financial management.

Law Firms

Even hardcore industries such as law firms have ridden the waves of the web space, because many law firms have found the usefulness of the internet to carry out their business. While the web is a strong platform to make your business known and realize your mission and vision, law firms have joined the bandwagon of outsourcing VAs to take care of essential parts of their business.

Virtual assistants can assist law firms in streamlining their processes and increasing productivity. For instance, they can manage ordinary chores like data entry, appointment scheduling, and email management, freeing up lawyers and other personnel to concentrate on more difficult ones.

Virtual assistants may be reached at any time, which is particularly useful for legal firms that deal with clients who are located in several time zones. This guarantees that customers will always have access to help.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a result of factors like social media, online advertising, and email. Digital marketing, which is e-commerce’s antithesis to traditional marketing, has seized the web by storm and is now the standard-bearer for all firms operating online.

In order to create successful and result-driven marketing and advertising campaigns that take advantage of the newest trends and different digital media platforms, businesses in the field of digital marketing frequently hire virtual assistants. These virtual assistants are also skilled in lead creation, blog writing and editing, and content curation, all of which are crucial for helping organizations gain more awareness and make money.

How Virtual Assistants Become a Part of the New Normal

Digital marketing and e-commerce have exponentially increased in popularity in recent years, thanks in large part to online platforms including e-commerce websites, movie streaming services, social media, and the internet as a whole.

These platforms are continuously growing at an unprecedented rate and have become an essential part of our lives. Without the tireless efforts and dedication of virtual assistants, who are essential to the efficient operation of these platforms, this enormous increase would not have been feasible.

Additionally, there has been a paradigm shift in how businesses run as a result of the pandemic. The idea of “working remotely” or “from home” has become the new normal, and virtual assistants have arisen as an essential part of this trend.

Now that they are in charge of managing and carrying out activities remotely, businesses may continue to run smoothly and effectively even during difficult circumstances.

The success of these online platforms and enterprises cannot be entirely credited to digital marketing or e-commerce; rather, it is the result of the joint efforts of a group of talented individuals, including virtual assistants, who toil zealously in the background. It is impossible to overstate how valuable their participation is.

Embracing the New Normal

Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from the specialized virtual assistant support services provided by us. The assistance may be administrative, clerical, or personal, and it would enable you to connect with experts for a cheaper price.

Helping you to focus on things that matter more in your business, outsourcing your virtual assistants with us can ease up the voluminous administrative tasks on your plate. You will have more time to attend to the needs of your clients and steer your business to success.

If your business is still on the brink of success, but not totally there, let us help you with our virtual assistants that can take your business to the next level.

Scale up your business, starting today.


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