Which Accounting Tasks Should You Outsource?

by Karla Abraham

Oct 20
Accounting and Finance

Outsourcing your Accounting is all about making your work run smoother and life easier. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, many decide to turn to outsourcing as an option to streamline their organizations. As an integral part of business, having smooth Accounting processes allows companies to make well-informed financial decisions based on data, facts
and figures.

But when it comes to Accounting tasks, not all are made the same. It is a combination of simple and complex processes. Under Accounting, you have bookkeeping tasks, month-end tasks, and Accounting functions that require the expertise of a CFO or Controller. Which is why some firms choose to outsource their low-yield or non-core tasks to trusted Accounting offshore services providers who can perform and complete tasks remotely on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. This allows for the core team to have more time to focus on the high-yield and core tasks.

Here are some of the tasks that your firm can choose to outsource to an experienced offshore service providers like Addmore Outsourcing:

– Data entry
– Timesheet entries for payroll
– Payroll journal entries
– Bank and credit card reconciliations
– Accounts receivable – Invoicing
– Accounts payable – bills payment
– Monthly inventory reconciliations
– Managing bill payments
– Record keeping
– Tracking revenue & expenses
– Booking prepaid accruals, insurance, deposit, rent & retainers
– Make collection calls


It is important that you make your expectations clear with your offshore services provider and set deadlines in order for a smooth transition of these tasks. When you choose to offload some of these tasks to Addmore Outsourcing, your company can be assured that we have people aboard our team who are industry experts in the Philippines that can handle your immediate Accounting tasks. Some of the gains and benefits you can get include the following:

Expertise and Industry Experience:

Addmore Outsourcing has a global pool of experts in Accounting with years of industry experience in the field ready to take on your tasks to enable you and your team to focus on core competencies and high-level tasks. This allows you access to finance and accounting expertise, and specialized knowledge your company needs.

Cost Savings and Efficiency:

We have highly-skilled Accounting staff who can handle tasks from multiple clients at any given period. Because the need to have in-house staff is eliminated, the incremental labor costs and overhead costs are eliminated, thereby enabling huge savings for your organization which you can instead defer to more important areas in your firm.

Avoiding Turnover Issues:

When you choose Addmore Outsourcing, it allows for your organization to avoid turnover problems and staff time-off. When an employee is sick, files for vacation or worse, leaves, it causes stress and anxiety for everyone involved and can result in costly delays. By choosing to offload tasks to an offshore provider, you shift those responsibilities to your hired provider instead. This enables you and your core team to focus more on building growth and finding more areas for profit.

Achieve Time Savings and Flexibility for Your Business:

Business owners can save their time when they decide to outsource several business functions to Addmore Outsourcing. There will be heaps of free time saved as compared to the tedious and time-consuming process of onboarding, training, guiding and managing an in-house staff. You can then have more resources devoted to you as owner and other members of your team. Addmore delivers what you want and when you need it and offers scalable solutions as your company grows.

We offer an extensive range of cost-efficient offshoring and outsourcing solutions for clients in the USA, the Republic of Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East and other regions worldwide.

Connect with us to learn more about our BPO services, and how we partner with various international companies who are looking to optimize their operations with value-enhanced resources. Our key focus is to provide efficient services and attainable solutions, thereby streamlining the work flow of each client, and enhancing their business efficiency and productivity to increase margins and realize profit.

Take advantage of the limitless benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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