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Offshore Outsourcing

A strategic partnership that takes place when a business transfers tasks to an outsourcing company like us and services are performed overseas.

Offshore Staff Leasing

Allows clients to hire remote-based full-time teams within the Philippines who will work exclusively and perform tasks assigned to them.


The most appropriate option for companies with irregular, one-off, and pilot projects of low to medium complexity with well-defined requirements and deliverables.

Offshore Outsourcing is considered a hassle-free hiring solution. We recruit the manpower you require and our fees are fully inclusive of all hiring costs. Offshore Outsourcing requires a minimum of a 3-month contract. All we need from you are their work duties.

Offshore Staff Leasing is a specialist outsourcing arrangement between ADDMORE OUTSOURCING and your company where you require a dedicated account manager and a fixed team for a minimum of a 12-month contract.

Project-based offers  a pricing  structure based on a project which could be a lump sum fixed prices or  based on timesheets per actual no. of hours spent. It can help provide immediate resources to an organization involved in a project with well-defined requirements.

ADDMORE Outsourcing is your outsourcing partner to success!


Outsourcing Partner to Success

ADDMORE Outsourcing is a BPO division of ADDMORE Services LLC that partners with various international companies who like to optimize their operations with value-filled resources. Our key focus is to provide efficient services and solutions, streamlining the work flow of our clients, thereby enhancing their business efficiency, productivity and profit. HOLA NATHAN


Virtual Assistance
Accounting & Finance
Creative Design
sales & Digital Marketing
Human Resources
Contact Center
Healthcare Support
Information technology
AEC Management


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