Why the Philippines

The Philippines has become one of Southeast Asia’s strongest offshoring and outsourcing destinations offering top-notch managed solutions. It has gradually evolved into a prime location for several high-level outsourcing and offshoring investments.

Advantages of Offshore Outsourcing Philippines

There are several advantages of outsourcing to the Philippines that make it an attractive destination for businesses. One of the main advantages is cost savings. Outsourcing to the Philippines can result in significant cost savings for businesses, as labor costs are lower in the Philippines compared to many other countries. The salary comparison of customer service associates in the Philippines versus the United States can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the industry, the company, and the specific job responsibilities. However, in general, customer service associates in the Philippines tend to have lower salaries compared to those in the United States. However, it’s important to note that the cost of living in the Philippines is generally lower than in the United States, so that the lower salary may be more equivalent in terms of purchasing power. Additionally, the Philippines has a large pool of highly skilled and educated customer service professionals, so companies may be able to access high-quality talent at a lower cost than in other countries.

Another factor that contributes to lower labor costs in the Philippines is the country’s large pool of skilled and educated workers. The Philippines has a large number of professionals, particularly in the areas of information technology, healthcare, and customer service. These workers are often willing to accept lower wages and salaries than their counterparts in other countries, which makes the Philippines an attractive destination for companies looking to outsource.

Furthermore, the Philippines has a large number of English-speaking professionals which makes communication and business practices more similar to those in the United States and Europe. This allows for less need for language training and translation expenses.

Cultural compatibility is another advantage of outsourcing to the Philippines. The Philippines and many Western countries share similar business cultures, making communication and collaboration easier. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses that rely on strong communication and collaboration for success.

The Philippines is within the same time zone as many major US, EU, and Asian markets, which allows for seamless collaboration and faster turnarounds. This time zone advantage can be especially beneficial for businesses that operate in multiple time zones.

Finally, the Philippine government has implemented policies and infrastructure to support the growth of the BPO industry. This includes tax incentives and investments in infrastructure to support the BPO industry. The government’s support for the BPO industry has helped make the Philippines an attractive destination for businesses looking to outsource.


Filipino contractors will go beyond expected results and their integrity and dedication to their work greatly show a commendable work ethic.


Outsourcing to the Philippines gives companies 24/7 service and turnover of deliverables because of the time difference advantages.


The Filipino counterpart is comprised of highly skilled professionals who can deliver excellent results and provide strong support and scalability.


The Philippine government strongly supports the growth and success of the BPO industry, making it one of the major economic contributors in the country.


Compared to other countries in Asia, the Philippines has the most cost-effective labor that is tenth to a fifth of the price paid to offshore staff.


Western culture strongly influences Filipinos and this helps them quickly adapt to the demands of employers from Western countries.

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