How to Find Good Talent in the Philippines (hint: it’s not on job boards!)

When your company expands, you’ll need to hire more people to handle the increased workload. In order to further develop your business, you need access to the best talent pool possible.

Unfortunately, it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive to actually go through the entire process of searching for and ultimately employing new staff. It will also likely distract you from your essential duties, especially your main business operations. This is where outsourcing to a remote location like the Philippines may be a strategic business move.

Why Outsource to the Philippines?

A number of countries have become popular outsourcing hubs, but the Philippines stands out as a preferred region thanks to its large and growing pool of qualified workers.

Learn more in this newsletter about why the Philippines is an excellent choice for your next outsourcing requirement, and why ADDMORE Outsourcing is the preferred BPO that can help you find good talent in a remote location such as the Philippines.

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Reasons why Outsourcing is Booming in the Philippines

The Philippines has been widely recognized as the top outsourcing location worldwide for well over a decade. Outsourcing in the country is generally thriving, and the recruitment process is no exception.

ADDMORE Outsourcing has a global team based in the Philippines, and they represent fields that are well-suited to serving clients in a wide range of international markets. Here are some of the many advantages you’ll reap through outsourcing:

1. Cost Efficiency

As with any outsourcing decision, saving money is the primary motivation for companies to send work to the Philippines. For example, the price of labor is a fraction of what it would be in the West.

Office space rental, infrastructure costs, employee salaries, government fees, and legal fees all benefit from the low cost of living.

In reality, you won’t have to worry about any of these expenses because ADDMORE will cover them for your offshore operation. Businesses can cut their expenses by as much as 60 percent by using the Philippines as an outsourcing hub.

2. Business Flexibility

Outsourcing helps firms adapt to the ever-changing expectations of their customers. By outsourcing work to ADDMORE, a company can save money and allocate those savings to other areas of operation.

Also, by moving some of your operations to the Philippines through ADDMORE’s bespoke offshoring and outsourcing solutions, your business will be able to grow and enter new markets. Your business can effectively scale back operations when the time comes for a reevaluation of its business strategies.

3. Access to Technology

The Philippines is making great strides in the realm of technology. When it comes to telecommunications, IT infrastructure, data security, internet connectivity, and other related fields, both the public and private sectors are constantly pushing the envelope in an effort to acquire cutting-edge technologies.

The Philippines has access to the same hardware, software, and infrastructure found in developed nations. In other words, the country has access to any and all technological resources a corporation might ever require.

The need for secure data is so great that governments are passing laws to accommodate it. The 2012 Data Privacy Act that was passed in the country is actually on pace with global norms.

4. Wide Talent Pool of Highly-Skilled Professionals

A total of 42.5 million Filipinos (or 60.6% of the population) were estimated to be actively seeking employment as of July 2017. As a result, you may expect to hire six out of every ten Filipinos that apply.

In addition, higher education is highly valued in Filipino culture. The Philippines has a 95% literacy rate. The country produces over half a million new college graduates annually.

The government’s recognition of the BPO industry’s importance to the economy has led to initiatives within the Department of Education aimed at increasing the number of graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the sector in fields like customer service, data entry, information technology, and more.

5. English Proficiency

ADDMORE Outsourcing’s offshore leased labor in the Philippines consists of native English speakers who are among the company’s greatest assets.

Business communications and academic instruction are conducted primarily in English. The Philippines ranks third in Asia for English language competency. In a global comparison of 80 countries, this one has the 15th-best English proficiency rating.

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Take advantage of outsourcing with the Philippines’ premier BPO – ADDMORE Outsourcing!

There are over 500 million skilled and dedicated Filipino workers at your disposal through ADDMORE Outsourcing. Invest in top-tier professionals who can help you succeed in every facet of your organization.

ADDMORE Outsourcing has an established track record of supporting global organizations in leveraging the benefits of outsourcing by establishing a dedicated, highly experienced, and cost-effective offshore staff in the Philippines.

We provide extensive support to make managing offshore staff as easy as possible, and our custom offshore outsourcing solutions allow firms full control over the productivity, output quality, and targets of their remote team.

Benefit from a comprehensive model with no hidden costs, including first-rate office space, human resources, information technology, account management, and payroll support.

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