Outsourcing for the Healthcare Industry: How to Thoroughly Evaluate an Outsourcing Company

Today, the healthcare industry is quickly becoming one of the most important industries in the world. Along with this rise comes the need for increased efficiency in healthcare services. One way many businesses have found to reduce expenses and make the most of their current resources is healthcare outsourcing.

The majority of businesses and groups are not new to the idea of outsourcing healthcare services. Typically, they assign administrative, customer service, and other essential business functions to remote teams in offshore nations like the Philippines and India.

Businesses of all sizes can gain from using this outsourcing approach, including lower costs, higher productivity, and a greater focus on their customers. This newsletter looks at how business process outsourcing (BPO) in healthcare benefits companies, and what businesses should look for in an outsourcing partner. Because finding the right outsourcing partner is a crucial step towards scaling your company further towards growth.

How to Find the Right Healthcare BPO

Business process outsourcing (BPO) firms provide support to companies across many different sectors, including the healthcare industry.

It may take some time and work, but landing the correct outsourcing partner is worth it. Although there is, indeed, a large pool of BPOs for companies to choose from, it’s not always easy to locate a reliable service. When searching for a healthcare BPO provider, organizations should take into account the following criteria:

1. Access to a wide talent pool of skilled professionals

Because a committed group of highly experienced healthcare professionals can deliver quality results that enable your company to be more efficient and productive, you must be certain that the BPO has access to world-class talent. ADDMORE Outsourcing has access to top-caliber staff in the Philippines who have years of experience in the healthcare industry, ready to exclusively assist clients and perform tasks assigned to them whenever necessary.

2. Guaranteed Cost Savings & Pricing

Businesses typically contract services to cut costs in other areas of operation. In-house work is also likely to be more costly than outsourcing due to factors such as the expense of hiring new team members, paying for their training and certification, and purchasing or renting the necessary hardware and software.

When you partner with the right healthcare BPO, however, you can have all of these needs met at a lower overall cost, potentially saving your business as much as 70% in operational expenses. A BPO provider like ADDMORE Outsourcing can also tailor a bespoke solution to your specific requirements and, of course, scale as you grow when you choose to outsource.

3. Quality & Precision

When choosing a partner to outsource healthcare BPO services to, make sure that they are able to deliver the results you need by their ability to improve and upgrade their services and the software that they use regularly, and by adopting cutting-edge methods and tools to better serve their clients. ADDMORE Outsourcing’s expert team also ensures that all patient records are entered correctly, as well as other data such as insurance information and billing codes.

4. Security

Medical claim handling, data entry, indexing of patient records, and billing are just some of the hospital business processes that are typically contracted out. All of this data must be adequately protected from cyberattacks and unauthorized access. Select a BPO partner like ADDMORE who understands the importance of data privacy and who can guarantee it with the appropriate technology.

5. Customer Service

Make sure that your BPO provides telephone assistance to patients, insurance companies, and other parties who require assistance with customer care. ADDMORE Outsourcing’s team of experts in the Philippines has been thoroughly trained to ensure that medical and patient records are regularly updated and secure. You can save money on labor expenses with ADDMORE’s customer services, to help keep it running smoothly and efficiently so you can concentrate on giving your patients the best care possible.

Partnering with ADDMORE Outsourcing:

As a result of the efforts that were made to meet the needs of hospitals, healthcare outsourcing firms have contributed to the expansion of the healthcare outsourcing sector. Although healthcare BPO’s can definitely help ease some of the pressure on hospitals, it’s essential that each firm do its research first before settling on one. It is imperative that companies in the healthcare sector choose the right BPO that can meet all of the needs we have listed above.

The goal of healthcare BPO support services is to increase repeat business, brand loyalty, and integrity. When they work with ADDMORE, most new companies and healthcare practices see a significant uptick in revenue and overall patient wellness.

ADDMORE Outsourcing is a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm that caters to healthcare companies, both big and small. ADDMORE offers bespoke services such as data entry, medical transcription, claims processing, and customer service from its remote professional team of healthcare experts in the Philippines. To learn more about other customized outsourcing options we offer, please contact us for a free consultation.

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