What to Expect From Outsourced Staff in the Philippines

In recent years, it has been common practice for Western businesses to set up offshore support teams in the Philippines. There are many advantages to outsourcing, including significant cost savings for businesses, but if you have never worked with offshore staff before, you may have some questions.

The question, “What can I anticipate from personnel in the Philippines?” is among the most frequently asked by firms who are just beginning their outsourcing journey.

Our team at ADDMORE Outsourcing has compiled a list of the most significant considerations for any company considering outsourcing for the first time. While there are, of course, many things that you may anticipate from your workforce when outsourcing, we hope this will give you a good idea of what to expect.

What can I anticipate from outsourced personnel in the Philippines?

  • Your staff is expected to have a high level of education.
  • Expect job quality that is on par with or better than what is required domestically.
  • Staff are expected to have a strong command of the English language.
  • You should expect your staff to be on time and punctual.
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1. Professionals with advanced education

As a developing country, the Philippines places great value on education. This is clear from the quality of its K–12 system and its strong infrastructure for higher education. If you’re searching for outsourced workers, you can

rest assured that you’ll find intelligent and capable individuals to fill your open positions. It’s not uncommon to encounter workers who are overqualified for their positions. At ADDMORE Outsourcing, for instance, we require all of our employees, regardless of work, to have a tertiary degree or higher. Many of our clients have given feedback that they simply couldn’t fill all of their positions with domestic candidates of the same caliber.

You can find people with the necessary skills and credentials for the open jobs, and they span a wide range of experience levels. In the mature and well-established Philippine outsourcing sector, senior professionals with years of experience working in their professions for US, UK, and Australian companies may be found with relative ease.

2. Meet or exceed local requirements.

It’s a common misconception that outsourcing to a foreign country will result in lower-quality work than might be accomplished by in-house employees. The assumption is that “if I spend less, the quality will be inferior.” When it comes to outsourcing, however, this is not the case.

The significant cost savings that may be gained by outsourcing to the Philippines are due to the developing economy and the lower cost of living, even though a considerable price difference in a company’s home country might be an indicator of quality.

You can expect the same or even higher quality of work from your Filipino offshore workers as you would from in-country workers when you outsource to the Philippines.

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3. Excellent command of the English language.

It’s natural for companies to worry about the communication skills of their offshore workers when they outsource work to a foreign country. This is a valid worry in relation to specific international outsourcing locations, so this is a fair topic to ask.

In the Philippines, though, you have nothing to worry about.

Since the country is a former US colony, English is one of the official languages and is taught in all schools. It is the language most commonly used in the country’s thriving business sector and the language that is taught in schools and courts.

4. Staff members that are always on time.

It’s common for companies to worry about the punctuality of their Filipino outsourced workers. While Filipino culture as a whole is less concerned with punctuality than Western cultures are, the outsourcing industry in the Philippines places a high value on keeping to schedules. Workers in the Philippines’ most developed and largest employment sector know that Western companies expect them to be on time and do a good job.

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ADDMORE Outsourcing provides both outsourcing and shared office space options to international companies looking to capitalize on the strength of the Filipino labor pool, whether it’s a total outsourced solution, a single-seat lease, or several workstations and office spaces.

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