The Smartest Move You Can Make Now for Your Business

by Marika Kim

Oct 13
Accounting and FInance

Despite the onslaught the pandemic has brought on to startups and SMEs, business insiders are hopeful that this year can bring about much-needed relief as the economy slowly struggles to get back on its feet.

Here at ADDMORE Outsourcing, we are confident and optimistic that 2022 can be a turning point in driving your business further, after more than two years of uncertainty and risky economic conditions.

As business owners recalibrate their plans to get back on track, outsourcing vital business functions to offshore service providers can be the safest option especially for startups and SMEs that have been greatly affected by the recent economic downturn. A business function such as accounting services, which is pretty much standardized, can be delegated to a provider at a fraction of the cost, as compared to rehiring a whole team of in-house personnel.

Accounting and Finance

It’s important for any business owner to have an accurate picture where your company stands financially, as it is the first step to curb any losses you might encounter. When you manage to drive down operational costs, it allows for the company to allocate more of their already-limited resources to the core competencies of the business and other revenue-generating initiatives. It also allows for the business owner to tap into the offshore country’s labor resources and highly-skilled talent pool.

It’s encouraging to note that the Philippine government, having recognized the outsourcing industry as a vital component of the country’s economic growth, reported signs of recovery in the overall business conference index in 2020 (up by 10.6% in Q4), with the help of the banking sector. The government likewise has enacted laws to ensure that the BPO sector is protected so that the industry flourishes.

The Philippines is home to a highly-skilled professional labor workforce which makes it the leading choice of companies who are looking to outsource, including Accounting. The country is known to produce at least 8,000 new Certified accountants annually, who are native English-speakers. And it’s no secret that even Fortune 500 companies have acknowledged this by trusting and delegating their offsite business functions in the country.

Makati Philippines - ADDMORE Outsourcing

When you decide to outsource your Finance and Accounting functions, you’ll be able to augment your staff quickly to increase productivity. You’ll be able to drive down costs further when you instantly gain access to new finance technology that is readily available, without any additional cost, through an offshore partner like ADDMORE Outsourcing. There’s definitely no time wasted, as you’ll instantly gain a highly-skilled finance team that’s ready to get down to the nitty-gritty, who will tailor much-needed solutions for you, thereby promoting company growth and realizing profit.

While it is true that we cannot predict what will happen due to the recent economic crisis, the importance of being able to scale your business through outsourcing may be the solution for any business to survive, without draining your existing company resources. Let us help you carefully assess your immediate business needs, to find out which plans are recommended and tailor-fit for you.

We are more than ready to help your business achieve its full potential. Here at ADDMORE Outsourcing, we can help you reap the benefits of having a full staff of certified accounting professionals on standby to grow your business. We offer an extensive range of cost-efficient offshoring and outsourcing solutions for clients in the USA, the Republic of Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East and other regions worldwide.

Connect with us to learn more about our extensive range of BPO services. Take advantage of the limitless benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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