The Top Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

by Jean Viray

Nov 18

We all want to be able to accomplish more in less time. We’re living in the digital age, which means that new innovations appear on a daily basis. What’s more, how can you leverage these new technologies to your advantage?

According to a recent survey, outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant is one of the most cost-effective moves for every business. Furthermore, large companies outsource virtual assistants at a higher rate than small businesses, highlighting the importance of VAs in the workplace.

More and more entrepreneurs and managers are heading that route by utilizing offshore virtual assistants (VA) to offload administrative duties so they have more time to concentrate on growing their enterprises. More and more smart business owners are indeed heading in that direction.

A startup’s hidden weapon is a virtual assistant. This is your best option if you wish to continue working on the projects you enjoy while delegating the others. An assistant that works from a remote location is known as a virtual assistant (VA), and they complete the duties given to them. A VA, like a PA, may grow into a valuable asset to their company and lessen their workload by doing some of their administrative and organizational duties so they can concentrate on what they need to get done.

You can engage a virtual assistant with the necessary knowledge and expertise to carry out the particular activities you want because there is no set standard for what a virtual assistant job description should include. In this post, we will examine some of the most common tasks that may be delegated to a virtual assistant.

I. General Administration

Executives shouldn’t perform administrative tasks just because technology has made it feasible for them to do so. Many senior administrative responsibilities may be completed by a virtual assistant, freeing up your time for more important work. Some of the tasks under this include:

– Scheduling meetings
– Meeting confirmations
– Trips Management
– Expense Reports
– Professional Networking
– Inbox Management
– Call Management
– Data Entry

II. Research

A virtual assistant can carry out your research when you need a standard collection of data about companies, people, or markets. Before any meeting or call, you might want to know specific information on prospects, or you might want to keep up with any news about a customer or a market. A VA can conduct the necessary research and prepare the report for you.

III. Back-Office Support

Routine work makes up around 28% of back-office employment. Many of them are handled by a virtual assistant, freeing up staff members’ time for other important tasks. Some of the tasks you can offload include:

– Invoicing: For cash flow, timely invoicing is essential. Business owners chase outstanding debts for 20 hours per month. A virtual assistant may chase down scofflaws and submit invoices on your behalf.

– Payment Processing: A VA can collect payments and input the information into your software just like they can with invoices.

– Purchasing: A virtual assistant may place orders for your company for common office supplies, furniture, and other planned, normal purchases.

IV. Customer support

Customers now expect faster response times, greater adaptability, and quicker resolution of customer or technical support issues due to the advent of real-time, online interactivity made possible by technological advancements. There’s no need to underestimate the importance of timely customer support in building brand equity for savvy businesses.

With 45 percent of customers abandoning online transactions if their concerns aren’t addressed quickly, having a live chat feature on your website is a must if you’re running an online shopping business or providing online services. Your VA can handle and provide a robust and timely support service to your customers.

This is not a complete list of what a virtual assistant can do. Any task that can be recorded as a repeatable procedure and doesn’t involve subjectivity can be completed by a virtual assistant.

Finally, by allowing you the flexibility to concentrate on the aspects of your business that you enjoy doing, outsourcing a virtual assistant from Addmore Outsourcing might be a step toward accelerating the growth of your company.

Take the first step in scaling your growth; we can assist you in enjoying the limitless benefits of having knowledgeable and competent virtual assistants available to assist you in expanding your business. For clients in the United States, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East, and other countries across the world, we provide a comprehensive selection of affordable offshore and outsourcing options.

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