The Virtual Assistant Market Today

by KJ Beckley

Nov 15

One of the quickest ways to grow your business is to outsource virtual assistants (VAs). They are capable of handling a wide range of activities, from basic admin work to digital marketing to bookkeeping.

It enables you to concentrate on crucial business issues and plan your approach for the next few months. Furthermore, you can manage the expanding workload of your successful company without risking staff burnout.

You should, therefore, keep up with the most recent virtual assistant (VA) trends and innovations that are reshaping the business sector.

The top virtual assistant trends that will continue to influence company choices in 2023 are covered in this blog. We’ll also discuss the most important lessons learned from each of these developments in virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants are useful for companies in a variety of industries since they can do everything from answering customer service calls to conducting research and handling your appointments and schedule.

Here are the most recent developments in the virtual assistant market that you should be aware of in 2022:

1. The Rising Remote Worker Army

There has been a steady rise in the number of people working remotely and in the gig economy as a result of the recent economic uncertainty in the past couple of years. More and more remote workers are stepping forward to provide virtual assistant services, whether it be for project management or administrative duties.

According to a 2020 Statista study, half of Generation Z workers do some form of remote labor. Many full-time workers now offer virtual assistant services for the jobs or industries in which they are experts. In fact, according to estimates from 2021, 59 percent of virtual assistants work full-time jobs. They make use of the many advantages of remote work, including a flexible schedule, improved work-life balance, increased productivity, and so on.

Because of this, businesses stand to gain greatly from the booming virtual assistant sector. You can quickly choose the ideal virtual assistant from trusted BPOs like ADDMORE Outsourcing, whether it’s for general administrative duties or performing research.

Additionally, since virtual assistants don’t anticipate any bonuses or medical coverage, employers may save additional money by using them.

2. Improved High-Speed Internet Access

With each passing year, emerging economies in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region (including the Philippines) claim improved internet access. According to the ‘Our World in Data’ report released in 2019, 27,000 new users join the internet every hour.

People living in distant areas of the world now have access to employment options because of the internet. People may interact with and work together with industry professionals from the comfort of their own homes thanks to a platform.

Over the next ten years, the US government will invest over USD 150 billion in enhancing the digital infrastructure. The market for virtual assistants is greatly benefited by the development of high-speed internet and cellular networks as a result of the growth in virtual work.

Additionally, according to a 2019 Statista analysis, a third of all internet users globally are between the ages of 25 and 34. Naturally, this makes it simple for businesses to access the workforce over the internet.

More individuals are now able to work remotely, which boosts the need for virtual assistants.

3. Rising Remote-Friendly Startups

According to a Statista survey of startups in Southeast Asia, 20.9 percent of workers worked remotely in 2020. According to the survey’s virtual assistant data, a startup or small business is more likely to use virtual assistants.


Startups are constantly seeking more clever, economical solutions that will enable them to achieve greater outcomes at reduced costs. And by removing the requirement for larger office space, a virtual crew may assist you in making more financial savings.

They can really reduce your running costs by up to 78% annually.

Additionally, the variety of sectors and work environments they are exposed to allows them to develop a wide range of abilities and business savvy. Additionally, you may use this quality in your company to increase revenues.

4. Shifting to a Flexible Work Schedule

Remote workers have the opportunity to work when they are most productive thanks to flexible work hours. In fact, according to a Boston College poll conducted in the United States, 87 percent of workers and 70 percent of managers agree that having a flexible schedule increases output.

Therefore, as a business owner, you may take advantage of this trend by outsourcing qualified remote virtual assistants from ADDMORE Outsourcing, who can aid you in producing greater outcomes.

Depending on their workload, virtual assistants can opt to check in for 20 hours per week rather than 40.

Flexible scheduling options for your virtual workforce can aid in retaining and luring top personnel. It helps you to assemble a group of enthusiastic workers and fosters a positive workplace environment.

It makes sense that, according to the Intuit 2020 Report, 80% of businesses worldwide intend to boost virtual outsourcing. Additionally, utilizing virtual assistants and allowing them the freedom to work from any location guarantees their ability to maintain excellent health.

According to statistics obtained in 2018 by a Canadian insurance company, remote workers and virtual assistants are 20% less stressed than office workers.

5. Utilization of Digital Resources

You can expand everyday business operations, eliminate paperwork, handle payrolls, and improve team interactions with the use of digital technologies. Additionally, you may obtain consumer information, make real-time modifications, and open up powerful automation features.

Additionally, incorporating digital technologies may make it incredibly simple for businesses to manage their remote workers and virtual assistants.

According to Statista’s 2021 research, 79 percent of employees, including remote workers and virtual assistants, use digital technologies to improve collaboration.

In conclusion,

The importance of using a virtual assistant is highlighted by current developments, particularly in light of the ongoing economic crisis.

It may support your company’s ability to deliver on time and on budget, boost the profitability of your offerings, and eventually grow market share.

You’ll be able to handle any task or deliverable once your company is in line with the virtual assistant industry trends we outlined above. With the right team from an outsourcing services provider like ADDMORE Outsourcing, you can become a major player in the industry and leave your mark in this competitive business environment.

By outsourcing your virtual assistant needs, ADDMORE gives you back the time you need to concentrate on expanding your business. We are more than willing to support your company in realizing its full potential. At ADDMORE Outsourcing, we can assist you in gaining the advantages of professional remote employees available to expand your company. For clients in the United States, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East, and other countries across the world, we provide a comprehensive selection of affordable offshore and outsourcing options.

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