How Virtual Assistants Are Key To Any SME

by Karla Abraham

Aug 29

When you are a business owner, daily tasks and deliverables can be overwhelming and almost always feel that you are short on time. Having a virtual assistant on standby can definitely help make life easier, as they provide services in certain fields that business owners have no time for, or don’t have enough knowledge for.

Most problems that startups encounter can be attributed to the fact that there are just quite an overwhelming number of tasks that need to be done right away, and usually at the same time. They make any business owner lose focus and can cause quite a distraction. And usually these tasks and roles are skills that they may not have the time for, have limited knowledge of, nor the experience to make each task more effective. Some examples of these roles include content creation, website development, appointment setting, bookkeeping and other admin duties that the business owner simply does not have time for. So instead of focusing on research, idea development and reaching out to contacts to grow your business – the best solution would be to outsource these tasks remotely to scale their business faster.

Through the years, small business owners have discovered how valuable having a Virtual Assistant (VA) or Personal Assistant (PA) can be in their daily life. Having a VA can have a wealth of benefits for any business owner, so that he/she can focus on the essential parts of their business, while the VA can handle other daily business tasks and deliverables. It’s like having an extra pair of hands to help you navigate your way daily in your business.

A VA or PA is an outsourced and highly-skilled personal assistant that a business owner hires to do various business support services, such as finance, creative work, admin duties, marketing and other business support services that they require.

In the bestselling book, “The Four Hour Work Week,” author Tim Ferriss recommends having a Virtual Assistant to do the mundane admin work on their daily to-do lists, so that they can focus more on the high-value tasks that can enable their business to grow.

But why outsource then? Of course you’re free to explore the traditional option of having a VA/PA come in everyday to a physical office. However, there are tons of benefits in choosing to outsource. The most important of which is its cost-effectiveness in lowering the overhead costs than hiring in the traditional sense.

It has been reported that hiring a virtual employee can actually reduce up to 78% the operational costs per year for the business owner. The reason being, there are no additional payout employee benefits, no office rental space to consider, no additional internet or phone services to pay, no incurring incremental costs in utilities, and no wasted time in onboarding or training a new employee.

Outsourcing Virtual Assistants can also greatly help in increasing productivity and can have a lasting impact in terms of profitability. By outsourcing skilled workers, it allows you more time to focus on the core of your business with no distractions whatsoever.

Your outsourced VA can likewise help you achieve the much needed work-life balance that any thriving business owner needs. With highly-skilled virtual assistants in place, you can be rest assured that your business is continuously on-the-go, while you explore other important pursuits that not only demand your attention, but also you will have time for the things that matter most in life. Hence, more productivity and efficiency in growing your business.

If you don’t already have a clear idea on what roles your business would need to delegate through outsourcing, you can start by first listing the job functions that you and your business need to thrive on the daily. Still not sold on the idea? Just think of how efficient your business could be if you have proper processes in place for growth and scalability in the future. By ensuring that you have outsourced various business tasks, you can rest assured that you have actual hired personnel driving your business efficiently and cost-effectively.

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