Is A Virtual Assistant Right For My Business?

by Harper George

Oct 27

It’s a well-known fact that running a business is hard work. When a business owner decides to do everything and takes on all the responsibilities during the start-up phase, it can be truly overwhelming and makes anyone lose focus as their business grows. But it doesn’t have to be like that forever when you have the option to delegate – because overloading yourself is a dangerous precedent which can lead to burnout and costly results.

Which is why smart entrepreneurs have explored other resources to support this growth, and have sought the help through outsourcing Virtual Assistants to support their growing business and also help keep them on track.

What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an office administrator who helps with a diverse array of professional business functions to support a company in a remote or virtual location. They are also known as online assistants or online secretaries. When you have a VA on board, it is like having your own employee, but in a different location and with a lot of flexibility. They handle the same tasks as an in-house secretary, but without the need to spend on overhead costs or take up space in your office. They handle and complete their tasks using their own software/technology and tools which allows them to carry out your various tasks and projects.

Most VA’s can assist business owners with answering calls, replying to emails, word processing, basic invoicing, creating documents and presentations, social media management, updating website content, scheduling your meetings, and other administrative tasks.

Why Should I Hire a VA?

If you have ever considered hiring a remote VA to help you in your business but still on the fence, then these benefits may help in your decision:

Cost and Time Efficiency – Hiring a Virtual Assistant from a reputable offshore provider like Addmore Outsourcing can save you time and money. There is no need to go through a lengthy recruiting and interview process. Hiring a VA is a cost-effective alternative to in-house office employees who require regular pay increases with benefits, plus overhead costs like office space and hardware. As a business owner, you’re also no longer required to spend hours and hours on training and onboarding for your assistant to develop the needed skills because Addmore already has a pool of highly-skilled VA’s ready to take your business further.

Increased Productivity and Customer Response Time – A VA can also increase your productivity and make sure that your customers get timely responses on every query round-the-clock, should you choose the 24×7 option. VA’s are already trained to respond to customer queries should you be too busy to handle it yourself. This can also enable business owners to explore markets outside their current locations, and allows your business to accommodate potential new customers.

Content Creation – In order to gain advantage over your competition, entrepreneurs should pay close attention to content to get the right message across. Addmore trains their pool of VAs to create various content, conduct extensive research, and generate attractive content to gain new customers to your products and services.

Optimization of Work Processes – A VA can also assist in stabilizing and optimizing your current work operations. Addmore Outsourcing employs VAs who are trained to monitor markets, track competitors and analyze reviews on websites and social media.

Ultimately, hiring a Virtual Assistant from Addmore Outsourcing can be a step forward in driving your company’s growth by helping to free up your time for more important tasks and gives you the flexibility to focus on the things you love doing in your business. Take the first step in scaling your growth – we can help you reap the benefits of having a full staff of highly-skilled and experienced virtual assistants, on standby to help you grow your business. We offer an extensive range of cost-efficient offshoring and outsourcing solutions for clients in the USA, the Republic of Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East and other regions worldwide.

Connect with us to learn more about our extensive range of BPO services. Take advantage of the limitless benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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